26 au 28 février, 2020
Hôtel Bonaventure


Vue Workshop: From Zero To Hero in 2 days!

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This is your opportunity to start learning Vue.js now and bring your web developments to the next level! This intensive workshop will start from scratch and walk you through how to develop a full Vue data-centric application, diving into many topics including how to setup, debug and deploy your app with Vue CLI, Vuetify, Vuex, Nuxt, and Visual Studio Code. At the end of the day, you will walk away with a solid knowledge of Vue and be comfortable with starting your own project now!

Workshop: Deploying a Micro-Service app to Kubernetes

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Kubernetes is a very powerful container orchestration platform that is quickly gaining traction and gives you lots of benefits in deploying, running and scaling your microservice web application. But it has also a steep learning curve. In this workshop, you will deploy your first application which consists of multiple Micro-Services to Kubernetes and learn how you can use persistent storage and service meshes and set up sensible monitoring and logging tooling.

Workshop: End to end testing with Cypress

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This workshop teaches you how to test a modern web application using the Cypress.io end-to-end test runner. The application we are going to test uses the Vue.js framework, with Vuex data management and REST API calls, but the testing will be applicable to any modern web app, regardless of the technology it uses.

Knowledge of web development using JavaScript is required. Some basic Node.js skills are required as well.

Workshop: Clean & Testable Symfony Applications

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This hands-on workshop will give you a solid base to start writing Symfony applications. What makes this workshop unique is that it goes beyond the basics to show you how write clean, robust and testable object-oriented code. It covers common project needs all the way to deployment.

Become a cross-platform mobile developer with Flutter

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Flutter is a trending cross-platform mobile development framework created by Google. By using Flutter and thanks to a language that is easy to get on board with, any developer is able to ship applications that look like a NATIVE app on both iOS and Android with wonderful developer experience. In this workshop, with our help, you will create a beautiful, fast application exploring the capabilities of the framework and demonstrating its strengths.

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