February 18-20, 2015
Montreal, Canada

Front-End Workflows with Gulp

From time-to-time our front-end workflows can get pretty repetitive. Sometimes we attempt to manually compile pre-processed languages, minify & concatenate our code. In this session Bermon will review common front-end workflows and how they can be automated with GulpJS. Front-end developers of any level are encouraged to attend. Discover the differences between Gulp and Grunt, using Gulp as a build tool, writing workflow tasks and plugins.

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Bermon Painter

Cardinal Solutions

A rootbeer drinking, cupcake eating, Spanish speaking, piano playing, handlebar mustache wearing designer/developer hybrid living in the glorious city of Charlotte, NC where he is the organizer of various community groups & tech events. He also leads the user experience practice for Cardinal Solutions' Charlotte, Raleigh and Tampa offices where he consults with large enterprise clients on interesting problems.

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