Bermon Painter

Bermon Painter

A rootbeer drinking, cupcake eating, Spanish speaking, piano playing, handlebar mustache wearing designer/developer hybrid living in the glorious city of Charlotte, NC where he is the organizer of various community groups & tech events. He also leads the user experience practice for Cardinal Solutions' Charlotte, Raleigh and Tampa offices where he consults with large enterprise clients on interesting problems.

Montreal 2017 sessions

CSS Layout Techniques: Replacing Floats with Flexbox

English session - Intermediate

CSS floats have been the primary way that we define web layout for almost the past decade. They’ve worked pretty well over the years but times are changing. flexbox is becoming the new norm for layout and solves some of the main gripes we deal with when using floats. Some of the new concepts may be a bit difficult to grasp in the beginning but in this talk we’ll focus on practical ways that flexbox is used when creating modern interfaces.

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