February 18-20, 2015
Montreal, Canada

The API Toolbox

If you're building or consuming APIs, there are some tools you should know about.

Tunnels make it easy to point callbacks and webhooks to your local development server. Proxy services capture, debug, and replay API traffic. External monitors track uptime for the APIs you use - or provide - and verify expected responses.

Learn about tools that can make you more effective at integrating and releasing APIs, save time, and simplify debugging.

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Tim Lytle


Tim likes making things, is a lover of well built APIs, and hates the top reply. He's built applications utilizing numerous APIs, created custom APIs for internal consumption, and as a one time developer evangelist he's helped other developers do the same.

A long time mercenary PHP developer, he's a fan of Laminas (you know, ZendFramework), Doctrine (2 of course), TDD, and practical design patterns. He's now working on things at PhoneBurner and tweeting sporadically from @tjlytle.

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