Marcus Bointon

Marcus Bointon

I work on and, support 1CRM, and pentest and write for Radically Open Security. I'm the maintainer of PHPMailer (the second-most forked PHP project on GitHub!) and contribute to many other open-source projects. I'm a PHP programmer, privacy advocate, DPO, Linux sysadmin, technical writer/editor, and MySQL DBA. I've spoken at many technical conferences around the world. I live in the French alps with my wife, kids, guitars, skis, and bikes.

Montreal 2023 sessions

It's new, it's shiny, it's... email?

English session - Beginner

Email has been around forever and is taken for granted – but it has become more complicated recently. New features like SPF, DKIM, and DMARC are misunderstood and many get even simple things wrong. Email is radically different to most other protocols, and attempts to treat it like HTTP are doomed to failure.
So we'll go back to basics, review how email works, avoid common mistakes, take advantage of new features, and stay out of the spam folder.

Managing expectations for open source

English session - Beginner

Open source is an amazing phenomenon, but it's hard on maintainers who have to deal with perpetual demands from a sometimes hostile and even abusive user base.
What can maintainers do to help manage this? How can users make it easier for maintainers to help them, and how can they contribute to the open source ecosystem?
We'll talk about tools, techniques, and strategies for reducing maintainer stress, and raising incentives to keep delivering.

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