Rob Richardson

Rob Richardson

Rob Richardson is a software craftsman building web properties in ASP.NET and Node, Angular and React. He’s a Microsoft MVP, published author, frequent speaker at conferences, user groups, and community events, and a diligent teacher and student of high quality software development. You can find this and other talks on his blog at and follow him on twitter at @rob_rich.

Vancouver 2017 sessions

Serverless Architecture in Azure

English session - Intermediate

AWS has Lambda, Azure has Azure Functions, Web Jobs, and App Service. Whether you want to script pay-by-the-drink web endpoints or build more traditional micro services. Come join us for this code-focused look at architecting, coding, and deploying serverless resources in C# and .NET Core.

What is this .NET Core thing anyway?

English session - Beginner

Have you heard the buzz? .NET Core 1.1 is released, and .NET Core 2.0 is on the horizon. Want to get started and don't know where to look? Or played with some old betas and want to get restarted? Come journey with us through the fundamental principles of .NET Core, look at how these evolved during the development of .NET Core, and see how you can get started today building and deploying .NET Core products.

Montreal 2017 sessions