February 22-24, 2023
Montreal, Canada

Async Python, Good it is

Have you loved async & await in JavaScript and other languages? Wished you could add it to your Python? async.io is here! Now with async & await we can think synchronously and run asynchronously. But there's some sharp edges and edge cases. Let's look at how easy it is to do multiple tasks at once, and how we collect all the results. We'll also look at best practices and edge cases like how do you kick off an async process from main?

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Rob Richardson


Rob Richardson is a software craftsman building web properties in ASP.NET and Node, React and Vue. He’s a Microsoft MVP, published author, frequent speaker at conferences, user groups, and community events, and a diligent teacher and student of high quality software development. You can find this and other talks on his blog at https://robrich.org/presentations and follow him on twitter at @rob_rich.

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