24 au 26 février 2016
Montréal, Canada

Python Made Easy: Meta-Programming & Inner Classes

We'll examine the "Meta" inner-class pattern used in popular python libraries such as Django, Factory Boy and Django REST Framework. The use of inner classes is part of a technique that allows for library creators to place constraints on provided customization points at class definition time. This talk will span the Python type hierarchy, how to define new types and review magic methods related to class construction.

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Jurnell Cockhren


With over a decade of experience in creating and contributing to open source software, Jurnell has worked in various fields, including neuroscience, optics and astronomy. Jurnell acts as the CTO of Black Science Network, and Instructor at the Nashville Software School.

In 2012, Jurnell founded Sophicware, a Tech Firm and Think Tank. It's mission: to enable the general public with computing tools that enables them to contribute to solving problems they encounter in their communities everyday.

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