21 au 23 février, 2024
Montréal, Canada

Boosting Web Engagement with Symfony UX

Symfony UX brings a richer user experience to your projects. Thanks to core tools like Turbo and Stimulus, it enables seamlessly integrating frontend dynamics into Symfony's backend-driven approach, often requiring minimal to no JS. Cherry-on-the-cake, we'll see how this can be made to work without any nodejs tooling or bundlers! This means you could accelerate your development cycles without compromising on UI interactions.

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Nicolas Grekas

Symfony SAS

Nicolas works nowadays on Symfony, with two sides to his contributions. As a member of the core team, he helps by helping others to contribute, by reviewing pull requests, by fixing bugs or by modernizing the code base. He puts a lot of effort into making Symfony fast, smooth and extensible, without compromising. On the business side, he leads the ambition to create a sustainable company supporting and supported directly by the Symfony ecosystem.

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