21 au 23 février, 2024
Montréal, Canada

From Hell to Heaven: Porting Doom to MAUI

Ever wondered how far we can push MAUI? How about porting Doom into a .NET cross-plaform version?

It all started with: "hey I'm porting Doom to C#, want to have a go at getting it to run on MAUI?".
Couple of months later and Doom was running on my phone as a fully playable game!

In this session I'll explain the limits I've run into, the workarounds, and how much code we can share between the WPF and MAUI versions of Doom.

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Nico Vermeir


Nico Vermeir, is a Microsoft MVP in the field of Windows Development. He works as a .NET architect at Inetum - Realdolmen in Belgium since 2010, where he has a focus on building and architecting modern applications.

In 2011 Nico founded MADN, a user group focusing on developing mobile experiences with .NET. He is currently also a board member of the Visual Studio User Group in Belgium.

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