Ron Dagdag

Ron Dagdag

Ron Dagdag is a Lead Software Engineer with 20 years of  experience working on a number of business applications using a diverse set of frameworks and languages. He currently supports developers at Spacee with their IoT, Cloud and AI Edge development. On the side, Ron Dagdag is an active participant in the community as a Microsoft MVP, speaker, and maker. Ron thinks of himself as a "life-long learner", enjoys building projects with his kids and is passionate about Augmented Intelligence, studyin

Sessions Online 2021

Developing Spidey Senses : Anomaly detection for IoT apps

Session en anglais - Intermédiaire

Anomaly detection is the process of identifying unexpected items or events in data sets. It’s about detecting the deviation from expected pattern of a dataset. It’s like having “spidey senses” for your apps that can detect when there’s danger or something is not right. Attend this session and learn about using anomaly detection in ML.NET, Azure Stream Analytics and Cognitive Services API, become a superhero and save the day.

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