26 au 28 février, 2020
Hôtel Bonaventure

Automating Hockey Team Management with Serverless

You probably don't manage a hockey team but I'm sure you have a number of tasks that you do regularily that would benefit by being automated.

I could make my life easier by automating the the process of managing my team. Calculating whether or not it would be worthwhile to expend the effort. Under estimating how long it would take but being happy with the results. Along the way I'll explain serverless concepts like FaaS, triggers & cloud db's

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Simon MacDonald


Simon MacDonald has 20 years of development experience and has worked on a variety of projects including object oriented databases, police communication systems, speech recognition, unified messaging and mobile development. His current focus is convincing folks “you aren’t going to need it” when it comes to building web applications as the Head of Developer Experience at Begin.

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