February 28 - March 1, 2013
Montreal, Canada

Solution Design: The Hidden Side of UX

UX is more than just UI. Creating a positive user experience is about understanding customer needs and designing a solution that addresses those needs. We'll dive beneath the user interface and explore the techniques and processes that will empower you to contribute a quality UX perspective to every project.

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Heather O'Neill

Above the Fold

An active member of the UX community, Heather O'Neill has been an evangelist for user experience thinking wherever she goes - from her role as co-organizer and speaker at NortheastPHP to her day job as President and User Researcher at Above the Fold. She has given talks on UX and held interactive usability workshops with renown UX celebrities such as Steve Krug and Dave Gray. At the ground level, Heather has a keen eye for user experience challenges and a knack for deciphering qualitative data.

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