February 24 - February 26, 2016
Montreal, Canada

Sessions (2013)

The list of presentations is subject to change without notice.
Top 20 Wish List
Building a CSS Foundation
Jake Smith
Front-EndWeb Standards
Katrina Owen
RubyQuality Assurance
CSS3 Selectors
Rachel Andrew
Front-EndWeb Standards
Elasticsearch: the Missing Intro
Erik Rose
Data PersistanceArchitecture
Fluid, Fluent APIs
Erik Rose
HTML5 Web Forms
Estelle Weyl
Front-EndWeb Standards
HTML5 WebSockets
Scott Mattocks
JavaScriptWeb Standards
OpenStreetMap for the web
Derick Rethans
API Integration
Sharding MySQL
Johannes Schlüter
Data PersistancePerformance
Silex Anatomy
Igor Wiedler
Unit Testing in Python
Greg Price
PythonQuality Assurance

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