February 24-26, 2016
Montreal, Canada

Cloud-connected Robots: Not Just For Skynet!

Using a small, land-based robotic vehicle assembled from off-the-shelf components and running Java, the presenter will demonstrate the build process, the robot's onboard sensor array, and how to connect it to the cloud. Examples of real-world use cases will be demonstrated and broader applicability will be shown in varied domains, including industrial facilities, public health/safety, and office environmental monitoring.

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Mark Heckler


Mark Heckler is a Professional Problem Solver & Spring Developer/Advocate @Pivotal, conference speaker, published author, & Java Champion focusing upon developing innovative production-ready software at velocity for the Cloud and IoT applications. Mark is an open source contributor and author/curator of a developer-focused blog (https://www.thehecklers.com) and an occasionally interesting Twitter account (@mkheck).

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