February 24-26, 2016
Montreal, Canada


Professional Object-Oriented Development with PHP

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Implementing the business logic of your application in the object-oriented fashion requires more than knowing your favorite framework inside out and extending a controller base class. In this two-day event, your trainers Sebastian Bergmann, Arne Blankerts, and Stefan Priebsch will explain to you how to avoid tight coupling to the framework and hidden dependencies. You will learn how to successfully develop business logic in a decoupled, tested and extensible way. Following the domain-driven design approach we will develop a fully tested application that is easy to embed into your framework of choice. Reserve your seat today!

Don't miss the opportunity to join this highly interactive and entertaining training event with lots of hands-on coding! Make sure you bring a laptop with PHP as well as your favourite IDE!

Practical Symfony & Doctrine

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Tired of reinventing the wheel everytime when doing PHP web development? It's time to learn Symfony 3.0 and how it can help to develop PHP web applications faster and better. This hands on workshop will guide you into the practice of Symfony, Twig and the Doctrine ORM library. In two days, you'll learn how to build a real fully functional MVC web application from scratch including great features like data validation, forms, authentication and authorizations, and database management with Doctrine. You'll also discover how to extend the Symfony framework and decouple your code thanks to the dependency injection container and synchronous events handling.

This workshop is delivered by Hugo Hamon, SensioLabs' Head of training and one of the top active Symfony contributors for more than eight years. Hugo started learning PHP. He's also a well known speaker at many tech conferences around the world and the (co)author of paperbooks about PHP & Symfony topics. He's currently writing a new book about software architecture, object oriented best practices and design patterns analysis with the PHP programming language.

If you attend this workshop, don't forget to bring your laptop with the following software requirements:

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