February 24-26, 2016
Montreal, Canada

CSS Performance & What is the Browser doing?

Paint? Layout? Composite? Browser Workload? How the browser interprets CSS can get very complicated. Strategic CSS and specificity make a difference. Learning about these topics can be daunting as a beginner. We all just want fast websites and beautiful code. This session will present these ideas in a friendly, simple way, as well as explore the different ways of monitoring performance with Chrome Devtools. Get the best from your CSS!

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Sarah Etter


Sarah Etter’s history with web development began when she was just a pretween, learning the very basic of her <table> manners. She later earned her Computer Systems Technology diploma and is now a Full Stack Developer for Territorial, a leading branding agency in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Sarah is passionate about the web, social justice, and volunteerism. She has given talks & workshops through local organizations as well as conferences in Canada & soon the USA.

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