February 24-26, 2016
Montreal, Canada

I put on my mink and wizard behat

An indepth dive into using Behat/Mink/Selenium for BDD testing.

I will cover Installation, building Contexts, avoiding data deadlocks, common gotchas and "test user account" syndrome, using Selenium to test JavaScript, best practices for writing tests (what to avoid, what to aspire for, writing stories like you mean it, how to get your product owners to write them) and integrating that into your continuous integration toolset.

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Thomas Shone


I've been working with PHP since 2005 and spent 5 of those years working remotely. Until recently I lived in South Africa. Now I live in Amsterdan, I have a fondness for Composer, php-fig and security stuff. On occasion I've been known to point out vulnerabilities in payment gateways. On occasion I've been threatened with legal action for doing this.

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