February 24-26, 2016
Montreal, Canada

Polymer: A modern way to build web applications

Coming from typical frontend development this talk shows how to use Web Components and the Polymer Framework to build reusable components and wire them up into a full-blown web application. The talk will cover the basics of web components and expand to using Polymer to build such components. It will be a walkthrough of a real showcase application. Last but not least we will discuss pros and cons of Web Components.

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Martin Naumann


Martin has been in the trenches of the software industry in a variety of positions and industries during the last decade.

He believes that software is about giving humans more capabilities and contributes to making the Software Development community better and more diverse as a RailsGirls coach.

He's an evangelist for the open web and deeply.
During working hours, he's usually found at the Archilogic office admiring the "glitch art" he accident...err..intentionally created.

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