February 23-25, 2022
Montreal, Canada

Cloud performance testing strategy - e-commerce Case study

How to build a testing strategy for a grocery e-commerce website hosted in the cloud.

Case presentation.
Why are performance tests needed ?
Step by step approach on how to build the test plan.
How to reproduce human behavior in scripts to get as close to reality as possible.
Traffic generators - what should I know ?
Types of tests and how to define a successful test.
How to present the results.

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Carl Tremblay

MDF Commerce

Software engineer at heart and by profession. Worked in various industries such as e-commerce (retail, ticketing), 911 VoIP, AI & deep learning and others.

I have played practically all the roles that exists within a Dev Team and now I am overseeing the Orckestra Professional Services technical teams within MDF Commerce as Director of Development.

I enjoy solving complex problems more specifically related to systems going through high loads of traffic!

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