February 23-25, 2022
Online, Timezone GMT-5

Demystifying "events” in software concepts and methodologies

Likely some terms starting with the word "event" are invading your professional space. "Event-driven" is already a buzzword in IT marketing and sales. The tech terms list is much longer. It includes "event streaming", "event storming", "event sourcing", "event store", "event modeling", ... Getting dizzy already? Don't worry. This talk is an “event-dizziness” cure. It'll walk you through the entire "event land" and explain what is what.

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Milen Dyankov


Milen is a Developer Advocate at AxonIQ on a mission to help fellow Java developers around the globe design and build clean, modular, and future-proof software! After more than 20 years of developing, designing, and consulting for leading European companies, he currently spends most of his time supporting communities and organizations, speaking at conferences, and researching topics around Java modularity, micro-services, distributed systems architecture, and software craftsmanship.

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