February 23-25, 2022
Online, Timezone GMT-5

Introduction to PASETO (platform-agnostic security tokens)

Unlike JSON Web Tokens (JWT), which gives developers more than enough rope with which to hang themselves, Paseto only allows secure operations. JWT gives you "algorithm agility", Paseto gives you "versioned protocols". It's incredibly unlikely that you'll be able to use Paseto in an insecure way.

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Ruby Jane Cabagnot

Avanade Norge

Ruby Jane Cabagnot is an ASP.NET Core and Reactjs developer based in Oslo, Norway, and works for Avanade Norway. She has about 5 years of experience as a web designer/developer and over ten years as a content writer/manager. She believes that to be interesting, one must BE interested. You can find her on Twitter @rubyjane88

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