February 23-25, 2022
Online, Timezone GMT-5

Using Immutable Data with Python

An enormous number of common programming errors arise from misuse or overuse of mutable state. To avoid this pitfall, many like to employ a more functional style of programming. Sadly, several of the most common Python data structures are mutable to their core!

But never fear: in this talk, we’ll show good idioms and data structures for avoiding mutability while maintaining efficiency and a readable style.

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Josh Reed


Josh lives in Montréal, Canada, and works for Aiven as an SRE. With many years of experience in several parts of the software development lifecycle, he has a passion for processes that enable smooth interactions between developers and operations. When he’s not hacking away at a problem or championing best practices, he loves to cook recipes from around the world, as long as he can garnish them with a little bit of cilantro!

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