February 23-25, 2022
Online, Timezone GMT-5

Your Voice is Power - Make music. Learn code. Promote Equity

What if you could practice and learn Python by using it to compose a song remixing music clips from Indigenous Canadian artists to express your voice. Earsketch is an online tool created by Georgia Tech university which allows you to use Python code to produce a song. We've partnered with Indigenous artists to provide music clips or you can add your own. Find a new way to express your creativity and share your voice with code and music!

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Susan Ibach


Susan Ibach (aka @HockeyGeekGirl) does business development and partner management for SteamLabs, a non-profit that develops STEM and STEAM education experiences, specializing in Artificial Intelligence. Susan is a self professed geek with over 20 years experience in industry in a wide variety of technologies and roles. She is known as an engaging speaker who strives to make sure her content is relevant to the audience.

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