February 21-23, 2024
Montreal, Canada

A tale of two cities: blocking code vs. non-blocking code

In this session, the evolution of non-blocking code strategies will be explored, highlighting how they can enhance application throughput. Beginning with Java's concurrency model's inception, the discussion will cover Future/Callable, CompletableFuture, a glimpse into reactive programming, and conclude with Project Loom's introduction in Java 21.

The talk will shed light on the various approaches to writing non-blocking code.

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A N M Bazlur Rahman

A N M Bazlur Rahman is a Software Engineer, Java Champion, Author, Blogger, and Speaker. He has more than a decade of experience in the software industry, primarily with Java and Java-related technologies.

He enjoys mentoring, writing, delivering talks at conferences, and contributing to open-source projects. He is the founder and current moderator of the Bangladesh Java User Group. He is an editor for the Java Queue at InfoQ and Foojay.io.

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