February 21-23, 2024
Montreal, Canada

Dark secrets of the event loop

Knowing the event loop in JavaScript makes the difference between knowing what’s going on and praying that everything works. In this presentation we will try and cover the inner-works of JavaScript, how the one thread ( that did not sign up for this job ) in the browser handles execution of instructions, what happens if we try running things asynchronously and why the event loop is important in this delicate cycle.

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Wekoslav Stefanovski


Wekoslav Stefanovski has about two decade of professional developer experience using a variety of development technologies. Has been using C# since the first public beta, and has a long and fruitful love relationship with it. Has been using JavaScript since the previous millennium and has a long and fruitful love/hate relationship with it. Currently, works at Sourcico as Head of development. He is passionate about functional programming, static code analysis, compiler design and code quality met

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