February 21-23, 2024
Montreal, Canada

How to mess up JWT's - a practitioner's guide

JSON Web Tokens are everywhere - you are using a bunch of them right now. It's such a common technology, yet, it's very easy to get them wrong. In this session, we get to the nitty gritty of JWT's - what they are, how they work, and how to make sure that we haven't made an app that just waits to be hacked.

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Wekoslav Stefanovski


Wekoslav Stefanovski has about two decade of professional developer experience using a variety of development technologies. Has been using C# since the first public beta, and has a long and fruitful love relationship with it. Has been using JavaScript since the previous millennium and has a long and fruitful love/hate relationship with it. Currently, works at Sourcico as Head of development. He is passionate about functional programming, static code analysis, compiler design and code quality met

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