February 21-23, 2024
Montreal, Canada

NGINX Unit: Serving Server-Side WASM with Web Awareness

Server-side WebAssembly (Wasm) may prove to be a more efficient method to deliver truly portable applications. With a move to the server side, we must be concerned with interactions with the web environment.

Open Source NGINX Unit is an application runtime for web apps and APIs, handling the HTTP(S) front end, request routing, and coupled to Wasm's linear memory byte streams. Find out how NGINX Unit is becoming the runtime platform for FaaS.

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Dave McAllister


As the open source technical evangelist for NGINX, Dave works with developers, architects, and DevOps to solve large-scale distributed systems challenges using open source and its innovations. Open systems and open source have been Dave's passion since the early days of Linux through today's OpenTelemetry and observability.

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