February 21-23, 2024
Montreal, Canada

Procrastinate! Or at least your app should…

Not everything happening in your app has to be processed immediately. Messages and notifications can wait, statistics can be calculated in the background, even that very important cronjob you run every night for all your clients doesn’t need to be synchronous. Whether your app is big or small, cloud-based or on premises, there are plenty of ways to make it seem faster and scale better without breaking the bank or re-architecturing it.

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Sébastien Ballangé


Self proclaimed code butcher, I won't be satisfied until there's nothing left to remove from the codebase. If the build obviously has to be green, the merge request diff on the other hand better be red!
Staff developer at Connect&GO, I have been using PHP as the main element in my toolbox for 15+ years.

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