February 21-23, 2024
Montreal, Canada

Rebooting a legacy project, thanks Docker for saving my week

You’ve got a new mission ahead of you: to develop new functionalities for this old project that nobody has known about for 4 years! Obviously, there’s no documentation and no idea of which dependencies to install. Let’s see how Docker can simplify our lives:
- Docker Compose for quick access to external deps
- Try to find a version of our DB that is compatible and simply upgrade it
- Pack the project with docker init like a pro

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Julien Maitrehenry


Julien is a senior software developer, specialize in DevOps, Agile practices and Cloud development. He has over 15 years of experiences in application, architecture, development and deployment. He is also a MVP in the Azure category by Microsoft and Docker Captain. He's also a high quality coder who enjoys sharing his passion with his teams. He provides maintainable, scalable and robust solutions.

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