Martin Legris

Martin Legris

Hi, I've been programming for longer than I like to admit.. I started developing for the web in 1997, wrote my first CGI scripts that talked to MySQL in C++. It has been a long journey since then; through Java (10+ years), PHP, HTML/JS, AS2, AS3, Android Developemnt, C#. I founded a startup in 2012 and raised 1M$; that has changed my perspective of programming forever! I like to explore interaction concepts.

Online 2021 sessions

Anatomy of a Bug

English session - Beginner

This talk will explore all the necessary ingredients to create a bug in software. In fact they shouldn't be called bugs because in reality they are logical omissions. And those omissions are generally born high up in the hierarchy of a company by giving incomplete instructions, or an incomplete context, or mock data, or generally not doing the ground work necessary upstream for the software developer to do his job properly.

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