February 28 - March 1, 2013
Montreal, Canada

The Dialogue is Broken

In today's technological environment we consider Smart Phones to be... well smart. We think Siri is incredible, we think Google Now is quite outstanding. We believe that e-commerce websites are the thing. I am here to demonstrate they are not, they are cheap shots driven by habit; that in essence the dialogue between humans and machines is broken.

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Martin Legris

Obvious Leap

Hi, I've been programming for longer than I like to admit.. I started developing for the web in 1997, wrote my first CGI scripts that talked to MySQL in C++. It has been a long journey since then; through Java (10+ years), PHP, HTML/JS, AS2, AS3, Android Developemnt, C#. I founded a startup in 2012 and raised 1M$; that has changed my perspective of programming forever! I like to explore interaction concepts.

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