December 5-7, 2016
Vancouver, Canada

Can We Build Whatsapp with Xamarin and Azure in 60 Minutes?

.NET developers today enjoy a bountiful source of platforms, with many tools at their disposal. With Xamarin, they can target all the major mobile platforms. Azure provides cross cutting features for mobile developers, along with the necessary scale to support any level of mobile client. The answer is Yes!

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Ariel Ben Horesh


Ariel is a founder at CodeValue and advanced mobile technologies practice leader. He is a leading software architect and expert developer of client-based solutions using Microsoft .NET, Windows, iOS, Android and Web platforms. A recognized team and community leader (.NET User Group, ALT.NET), an avid mobile developer in iOS, Android and Windows Store/Windows Phone, Ariel’s expertise includes advanced UI software design using WPF with Prism on UI development: WPF, Web, Mobile and UI architecture

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