December 5-7, 2016
Vancouver, Canada

Undo for the Rest of Us

Elm, Figwheel, Redux, and other environments that carefully manage state have popularized reliable, straightforward implementations of undo, hot code reloading, and time travel. Although these techniques are harder to implement in more traditional environments, sometimes their power is worth it. We'll walk through some hacky strategies: saving state with fork(2), replaying operations to rebuild state, and deeply copying webs of mutable objects.

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Thomas Ballinger

Tom left medical imaging software development to work as a facilitator at the Recurse Center, a programming workshop for experienced programmers. For 4 years he helped participants learn new programming languages, build fancy terminal UIs and discover concurrent network programming, which resulted in a lot of BitTorrent clients being built. Lately he's been prototyping live coding environments in the browser and thinking about programming pedagogy.

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