February 22-24, 2023
Montreal, Canada

Business logic testing with Behat, Twig and API Platform

What to test and how to test? These two questions are still a challenge after a long time of successful implementation of a properly tested big project. After many years of being a part of one, I come up with the conclusion: that what needs to be covered with tests are business requirements.
I will present how to approach testing different user interfaces (Twig-based UI and API Platform-based API), while still focusing on the business value

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Mateusz Zalewski

Commerce Weavers

Being a programmer is not only my job - it is a way of my life. I’m a strong BDD believer and testing enthusiast, curious about the world, and passionate about science. For the last few years, I’m a Sylius core-team member, working hard on developing the best e-commerce framework, also doing training and talks about Sylius, testing, and programming itself. Privately a member of a medieval reenactment group and a fervent traveller.

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