February 22-24, 2023
Montreal, Canada

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Tests & Quality Your tests may be good. But they could be better!

When production code has tests, they are often hard to read. They also get in your way when you want to refactor code. Sometimes, you have false positives. Often, they are flaky…

In this talk, we will show you real-world examples of tests that have been improved. We will cover a few techniques you can re-use at work to improve the quality of your own tests!
Architecture & Design PatternsPHP We love heated discussions about what is RESTful and laugh at SOAP and other ancient RPC protocols while glorifying GraphQL... Forget the buzzwords and let's explore the true meaning of Application Programming Interfaces, from mere variables and functions, through network connections, to connecting large software systems. Thinking in terms of APIs can improve the way we approach software design on so many levels!
DevOpsTests & Quality Vous livrez des bugs dès que vous touchez au code? Vous êtes stressés lorsque vous livrez en production? Vous subissez certainement votre dette technique. Mais qu'est-ce que la dette technique? Quels en sont les impacts? Comment l'éviter et minimiser le temps à investir dessus? Vous découvrirez des clefs pour mieux gérer votre dette technique. Avec notamment des outils comme Renovate ou Openrewrite.
Security Les JWT sont très pratiques pour faire transiter des données de manière fiable. Ils sont souvent utilisés pour assurer l'authentication auprès de micro-services ou de SSO dans le cadre d'OIDC. De plus, on voit beaucoup de JWS (des jetons signés), mais ce n'est pas la seule implémentation qui existe. JWT est plus vaste que ce que l'on peut penser. Je vous propose de découvrir des aspects de JWT moins connus que l'utilisation classique.
JavaScript Are you still using `var`? And what about Object.assign()? JavaScript underwent a major revolution in 2015 with the new ECMAScript standard, more commonly known as ES6. Since then, there have been a plethora of changes to the language. A new release is announced every year with new features and operators. Did you keep up with all of them? In this talk, the speaker will look back at JavaScript from back then and show the modern way of doing JS.
Architecture & Design PatternsJavaScript Microfrontends are the "microservices" of the frontend world. They enable web apps to be divided into separate modules and thus scale to many developers. While the backend has consensus on how to architect microservices, the frontend is still in the experimentation phase. I will describe how Roundforest does microfrontends, in a way that translates microservices to a natural and logical frontend architecture that makes sense on the web.
JavaScript The React JavaScript library's popularity is skyrocketing. But should you dive into yet another library? Well.. your front-end developing fun could level up because for me React is the most productive JavaScript library ever.
We're going to take the practical path. I'll show you how to build a React app step by step. In that way I'm covering all you need to know to get started. At the end of the session you'll be the judge if you should React.
Cloud Computing Webhooks are a pillar of modern app development. They notify us of that new commit, an incoming text message, our email was delivered, and a payment was processed. Our systems can’t function without webhooks sending data seamlessly and securely across the internet.

In this session, we’ll delve into the 100+ implementations we explored to build webhooks.fyi to identify the best and worst patterns to protect our systems now and in the future.
Architecture & Design PatternsPHP Insights from building a real life, high-load REST API
Implementing a REST API is not only about designing correct resource URLs. I will talk about the software and system engineering part it takes to build a data API. I will show concrete examples from a project where we gather data from dozens of different services and systems and build a real-time capable data API. The main technology stack is Symfony, Elasticsearch and Varnish.
Java & JVM languages Have you ever peeked behind the curtain on Java? Beyond Java 8, there's a lot of cool stuff to be discovered. We talk about the "fun and shiny" features you may not even know about. See how the JDK, JVM, and the Java language have all evolved and improved—now making you more productive and forcing you to write more secure code. This session is jam-packed with fun and shiny areas to accelerate your developer productivity.
Management Cette conférence traite des outils et des meilleures pratiques pour comprendre et améliorer sa qualité de vie au travail et celle de son équipe. Pourquoi? Les organisations qui privilégient la qualité de vie au travail réalisent des bénéfices jusqu’à 2,5 fois supérieurs. Elles améliorent la satisfaction de leur personnel, leur attractivité, leur taux de rétention et de mobilisation de leur personnel et diminuent l'absentéisme.
DatabasesPHP Les bases de données savent gérer des colonnes JSON depuis des années déjà, et
ces colonnes permettent d'accélérer le développement en simplifiant le code, les
migrations, et la maintenance.

À travers cette présentation, nous allons voir comment étendre Doctrine pour
avoir le meilleur des deux mondes : des colonnes en JSON, et des objets PHP
fortement typés.
Architecture & Design PatternsJavaScript Coding with static types feels safe, the compiler has your back.

But today, you got a critical issue in prod: payments are failing! A quick check of the logs left you puzzled: TypeError: discount.toFixed is not a function. Wait... Isn't discount supposed to be a number here? How did that happen? Why didn't the compiler catch it before?! Worry no more.

I'll show you where your blind spots are, and a simple way for you to fix them.
PHP In this presentation we'll have a look at the new features added in PHP 8.1 and 8.2.

We'll have a look at how the type system is strengthened with Enumerations and "never", Fibers, a new closure syntax, the First Class Callable Syntax, intersection and disjunctive normal form types, readonly classes, and other smaller features.

At the end you will have a good understanding about all the exciting new features that are new in PHP 8.1 and 8.2.
JavaScriptTests & Quality Malgré vos dizaines de tests et votre couverture de code à 100%, votre application crashe toujours en prod sur des cas que vous n'aviez pas prévu?
Les tests des propriétés sont là pour vous sauver de cette situation! En prenant comme exemple la librairie fast-check de TypeScript, nous verrons comment écrire des centaines tests en quelques lignes, et augmenter ainsi votre confiance dans le fait que votre code fonctionne.
PHP PHP propulse une grande partie du web mondial depuis 20 ans. Il est même le principal langage de beaucoup d'entreprises de la French Tech. Nous allons nous intéresser à sa dualité : capable de créer facilement une page web dynamique mais aussi construire une application complexe avec des enjeux de performances et de fiabilités. Je vous propose un tour d'horizon du langage, de son évolution, de ses principaux frameworks et de son écosystème.
Architecture & Design PatternsPHP Your script is constantly waiting. For the database, the e-mail server, the HTTP server of any service, a file from the disk or even for the RAM. And with it the customers wait.
I want to show how with an asynchronous architecture, RabbitMQ and ReactPHP the waiting time is significantly shortened and that sometimes you do not have to wait.
Tests & Quality Like testing is an essential part of software development lifecycle, automation is an non-negligible part of testing. It has great benefits and sounds like it is a silver bullet. But is it? I will discuss the most common pitfalls of test automation, by giving rel life examples for each of them.

We will see 10 difficulties along with 10 solutions against them. I will share what kind of challenges I encountered and how coped with them.
JavaScript A major earthquake has hit TC39, the JavaScript standards committee. A proposal for adding type annotations to JavaScript has just been approved for Stage 1. What is this proposal all about? How did it come to be? What is the motivation behind it? What are its pros and cons? Why are some people excited about it, some wary, some angry, and some afraid? As one of the writers of this proposal, I will delve try and answer all the questions above.
DevOpsManagement How we look at incidents, risks & safety is changing, both in- and outside our industry. And there is a lot of exciting research done in the field of safety science.

This talk will give an introductory overview of topics like Safety I & Safety II, systems thinking, human error & human factors, resilience engineering and adaptive organizations, as well as a series of literature tips to continue your learning journey.

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