February 22-24, 2023
Montreal, Canada

How to optimize background processes? Sylius meets Blackfire

With the recent Sylius release v1.11, we've introduced a brand new feature - catalog promotions. As this feature may require processing a significant amount of data(the whole product catalog), we had to decide on async processing by default. But it does not mean that we can waste resources and not optimize the processing algorithm! We had to improve it and to do that we've been using Blackfire.

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Lukasz Chrusciel

Commerce Weavers

Lukasz has been at the heart of Sylius' development from the start and now leads the Core Team. Known as an API guy, the one to blame for the new API platform integration. He’s all about practical solutions, clean code, and the power of automated testing. Off the clock, he’s a traveller, sailor, and board game enthusiast.

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