December 4-6, 2017
Vancouver, Canada

Augmenting the Agile Team – A Testing Success Story

Successful remote teams are hard, not impossible, but they are hard. Successful remote agile teams are even harder. We went outside of the box to combine our testing strategy to encompass a new idea - the creation of a regression testing team to augment feature teams. It would work in parallel, handling the testing regression cycle while the feature teams—developers and testers—do new development. Mike will show how to make this work.

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Mike Hrycyk

PQA Testing

Mike Hrycyk has been trapped in the world of quality since he first did user acceptance testing 19 years ago. He believes in creating a culture of quality throughout software production and tries hard to create teams that hold this ideal and advocate it to the rest of their workmates. He has worked many roles, but always returning to testing. Mike is currently the Director of Quality for PQA Testing. Intermittently, he blogs about quality at and tweets at @qaisdoes.

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