December 4-6, 2017
Vancouver, Canada

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CareerManagement How many fantastic SW developers have you met that came from a non-traditional background? Did they all have a CS degree? Should CS degree really be a prerequisite for all SW engineering roles? With the rise of coding bootcamps & self-taught programmers around the world, maybe its time we start giving some serious thought to engineers with diverse backgrounds. Chloe Condon - Theater/TV/Movie actress turned Software Developer tells her story.
AccessibilityJavaScript Long gone are the days when in order to be considered accessible, pages had to work flawlessly without scripting. Scripting has also come a long way, and developers are now even leveraging the powers of JavaScript to rewrite content content in order to make it more accessible to ATs. This presentation will cover some of the issues that can arise from using JavaScript, and how scripting can be used in a way that still ensures accessibility.
PHPTests & quality This prototype works, but it’s not pretty, and now it’s in production. That legacy application really needs some TLC. Where do we start? When creating long lived apps, it’s imperative to focus on good practices. The solution is to improve the whole SDLC; from planning, better coding and testing, to automation, peer review and more. In this talk, we’ll take a quick look into each of these areas, looking at how we can make actionable changes today.
Architecture & design patternsPHP Design patterns are conceptual solutions to solve common redundant problems in software engineering. However, learning them is not easy as litterature or tutorials on the Internet often introduce them with theorical examples. This talk gives you a slightly different approach by introducing design patterns with practical code samples to solve real world problems. The talk focuses on the Factory Method, Decorator and Composite patterns.
PHP This talk is a 40 min live coding session targeted to PHP developers who wish to get started with Symfony quickly. While coding a small demo application from scratch, I'll explain the most important concepts of Symfony 4 such as Symfony Flex, autoconfiguration, HTTP request handling, URLs routing, Doctrine and Twig integrations and the famous debugging tools. If you're already familiar with Symfony or just a beginner, this talk is right for you!
AccessibilityHTML & CSS I will demonstrate what the top 5 accessibility barriers are for screenreader users. We will interact with problematic code with a screen reader to get a good idea of what the issues are. We will discuss simple rewrites to improve accessibility. We will compare improved and old code behaviour. We will go through problematic alternate text, poorly labelled forms, lack of headings, badly formed data tables, and keyboard navigation.
CareerManagement When bits and bytes convert into a source of income and remote working becomes part of one’s life; there is little choice but to jump head first into freedom by taking on the road leaving everything behind.

This is a cautionary tale on the remote working movement and work-life balance as we know it — as told by a digital nomad who gave up the posh lifestyle and the trendy appartment for a 1972 Volkswagen bus and a pair of wet socks.
Databases Apache Kafka is a message broker that offers not only massive scalability and fault tolerance, but also unique guarantees around message ordering and delivery. Relaying billing information, detecting security-related events, storing information at high-throughput - Kafka greatly simplifies it all and gives developers a chance to rethink the data flows between components, moving information interchange into the center of their architectures.
Career In his book describing the GTD time management system, David Allen promotes the "Art of Stress-Free Productivity". After too many New Year's Resolutions and too much procrastination, it's time for you to finally implement it. You'll discover that it's not just another collection of self-motivation techniques, but an actionable set of rules to re-gain control of your life and your to-do list again. This is an intro that's hoping to get you hooked!
HTML & CSS Public APIs have been waning in popularity these last few years; now most companies are phasing them out. Yet, data is POWER. And come to think of it, the entire data available online IS available to you with enough will and effort. In this presentation I will show how to scrape the internet; practically any site using JSoup, OkHttp and Threads.

I will also cover anti-scraping strategies we face and how to circumvent them.
Architecture & design patternsJava & JVM languages Creating objects in Java using `new` keyword was a no brainer before IoC / DI questioned the approach! Managing dependencies is yet another topic we tend to think we have sorted out with Maven central. Yet it's far from perfect! So may be it's time to challenge that approach too? What if we move from hardcoded artifacts to artifact discovery based on well defined contracts? Can that be done today? What are the issues? How we get there one day?
DevOpsPerformance "With microservices every outage is like a murder mystery" is a common complaint. But it doesn't have to be! This talk gives an overview on how to monitor applications. We dive into system metrics, application logs, uptime monitoring, application metrics, and request tracing. Putting all the pieces together, so you get and keep an overview of all the moving parts in a complex system.
Architecture & design patterns You’ve mapped it out in Visio, put in place all the caching and gateways possible, flip the switch…and nothing. Your beautiful microservice architecture fell on its face! In this experience report, we’ll look at a failed microservice implementation and how we fixed it, from the ground up.
HTML & CSS CSS is becoming more and more powerful and nowadays it allows a lot of possibilities. This talk is a compilation examples for more advanced tips and techniques to add to your CSS skills. Have you ever wanted to curve text around a floated image? Or maybe style broken images? How about using attribute selectors more effectively? Then this talk is for you.

PHP As an experienced, developer, I am way too busy not to use an IDE with code completion, refactoring tools and step-debugging (and so much more). PhpStorm is a fantastic IDE to help the skilled developer get stuff done quickly and correctly.

Prepare yourself for a fast-paced look at 43 tips and tricks for PhpStorm, some that you may never even know existed. Note taking equipment is strongly advised -- how many do you already know?
Management Throughout their career, developers and managers will face many projects which appear to be impossible to deliver on time, within budget or within other constraints.

In this presentation, you will discover the secret steps that need to be taken in order to successfully bring back on track any projects. Most important of all, you will find out how to stay cool, keep a healthy mindset and to break through tough situations like a superhero.
PHP <?php

string(406) "While var_dump driven development is great when your starting, at some point every developer wants more. Step debugging is the answer.

In this session we'll cover the fundamentals of installing and configuring Xdebug, configuring PhpStorm to listen to Xdebug, and then actually step debugging some scripts to find our problems. Step debugging PHP is an incredibly powerful tool when you know how!"
Machine learning Data Science and machine learning is a hot topic In this session you will learn why data science is a big deal, and the steps involved in the data science process. I can’t take you from zero to hero in 45 minutes, but at the end of this session you will have a clear sense of the next steps you should take to become a data scientist
HTML & CSS In this session, you'll learn the correct way to write the HTML for a form to make sure it is accessible, understandable, and shows up correctly in the browser. You'll learn how to validate form data and provide useful error messages. You'll see some tricks for using CSS to make your forms look great on the screen. And you'll find out what you need to do to make sure your forms work correctly and are easy to use on mobile devices.
AccessibilityHTML & CSS Developers often have to make decisions that will affect the usability of the finished site, such as choosing appropriate input types, maximizing performance, and including accessibility features. Learn to think like a user and uncover usability problems that might not be apparent at first glance. Hear some tips make your site more usable and accessible. User experience isn't just for designers to think about.

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