February 26-28, 2020
Montreal, Canada

Hello Gopher!

What makes Go the “language of the cloud”? Should I learn it? How and why does Microsoft use Go? We’ll take a whistle-stop tour of Go and its ecosystem and then explore it hands-on with code, tools, and techniques for web applications, APIs, CLIs, containers & serverless. This talk is for both aspiring and current Go developers ("Gophers") as well as anyone who is just Go-curious!

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Aaron Wislang


Aaron is a Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft with over a decade of software development, systems architecture & security experience across the major clouds, industries, and developer communities. His current areas of focus on the Cloud Advocacy Open Source Engineering team include Open Source, Go, Python, Containers and Kubernetes. Aaron and his wife currently live in Toronto, Canada with their two boys.

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