February 26-28, 2020
Montreal, Canada

Top 20 sessions

JavaScriptSecurity As long as we’ve been using the internet, and way before that, we have been authenticating through some sort of username and password combination. It has become the standard. With the ever-increasing number of web-apps, we’re seeing more and more data breaches as well. What if we could build our authentication processes in a way the user doesn’t need a password?
DatabasesDevOps Web technologies have come leaps and bounds. But are you still using the tired old database from last generation? Let's look at the methodology of microservices, compare it to bounded contexts, and look at ops tasks for micro-databases. Let's tour all the flavors of databases, understand their pros and cons, and when you would choose it. You'll leave with a roadmap for moving from data-monolyth to micro-databases.
DevOps The end is nigh. Your application is almost ready and you will need to deploy it. And with the deployment, the endless tweaking to actually get everything running in a production environment. If only there was a way to test everything in that environment first… This is where containers will come in to save the day. With container, you not only run your code in an environment similar to the production server, it is the production environment.
JavaScriptTests & Quality Have you ever felt helpless, facing some cryptic code you had to change? You know, the kind of code that has no test to tell you if something breaks…

This is a scenario I frequently faced. And I learn better ways to work with such Legacy Code.

In this session, I'll show you how to write tests on existing code, even when you don't understand what it does. You'll learn how to modify this code and know that nothing broke when you’re done.
DevOpsTests & Quality Discover how 4 development teams adopted the principles of Continuous Delivery on an existing application. Learn what worked well & what didn’t, and the reality of failing pipelines, flaky tests and brittle infrastructure: transitioning from manual bi-weekly releases to 30 deployments per day.
JavaScript Long gone are the days when JavaScript was just good for opening popup windows and validating forms. Modern browsers support countless APIs, providing access to client hardware, implementing security protocols, push notifications, and many more. Join this code-heavy whirlwind tour of APIs you didn't know existed, but you want to try out right after the session.
DevOpsSecurity OWASP, a nonprofit composed of security experts from around the world, provides a number of free and open source tools designed by security experts to help your secure your applications. Learn how to integrate these tools - from active penetration tests to project dependency checkers - into your DevOps pipeline and deliver on the promise of continuous security.
Security In March 2019 the W3C released the Level 1 of the recommendation for the new Web Authentication Standard "WebAuthn". Supported by all major browser vendors, it strives to make passwords as well as phishing a thing of the past. Given millions of stolen credentials, the switch away from passwords should happen rather sooner than later. Learn what WebAuthn is about, how it works, and how to leverage its potential for you site today!
JavaScript JavaScript is an interesting language. It can mimic almost any style you want: procedural, object-oriented, functional, etc. In this presentation, I will take a simple problem and will solve it using different approaches. With each step, we will see the power of the new approach to take the complexity away, while still being the JavaScript we all love to hate.
JavaScriptTests & Quality This presentation looks at the variety of ways we can test a typical web application. From unit tests to end-to-end, from functional to visual testing, from happy paths to the edge cases - there are a lot of solutions available, and each new technique gives us additional confidence in our application. This presentation will teach you how to guide test writing using code coverage using Cypress open-source test runner.
Git is the modern-day version management system of choice.
We all know how to commit, push, pull and merge. But what about (interactive) rebasing, fixing up commits, cherry picking lines and bisecting the history ?
And what are those atomic commits you keep hearing people talk about ?

Come and learn how to get the most out of the tooling you use every day and leave knowing how to create a clean commit history which is a joy to peruse.
Databases A common misunderstanding about Redis is that it's just a cache, or that you should only store ephemeral data there. In this talk I hope to dispel that myth by sharing some non-cache Redis recipes. I'll talk about how Redis can be used to solve problems such as distributed locking, message queues, one time tokens, and rate limiting.
Architecture & Design PatternsCloud Computing In this talk we’ll explore mechanisms for observing and debugging distributed systems, with an eye towards taking an existing codebase that lacks observability and evolving it over time. In particular, we’ll focus on monitoring and metrics, logging, and distributed tracing tools that let us track transactions which span multiple services and execution contexts.
DevOps You’ve been to a restaurant before, right? Have you noticed how everything is structured? Everyone has a job and there is a chain of command. You can’t just walk into the kitchen and tell the cook how you want your steak done. Kubernetes is actually very similar to this. You will deploy some pods that do specific things and set the rules of communications that dictate how they all talk to each other.
Tests & Quality Comme développeur, on nous demande toujours d'aller plus vite sans jamais sacrifier la qualité. Je raconte comment j'ai réalisé ce miracle durant le développement d'une application web en appliquant le TDD (Test Driven Development) assisté de l'outil de test Cypress.io. Suite à ma présentation, vous n'aurez plus d'excuse pour ne pas faire de tests!
Architecture & Design PatternsJavaScript Scaling is about more than servers and shards, it's about team communication, exponential complexity, and the problems that only arrive when an app gets large enough to have them. This talk is about some principles and techniques developed specifically for managing the complexity of large front-end web applications at scale, to bring sanity back to your development teams and “performance and polish” to your users.
Management Finding highly-qualified professionals and then managing them successfully is one of the most difficult tasks leaders face. Just a small number of poor performers can bring down a team and impact delivering a great product. On top of poor hiring practices, when leaders fail to inspire, enable and provide an environment where their team can collaborate and thrive, they will consistently produce mediocre results.
CareerManagement A difficult task of management and mentorship is providing honest feedback. Many struggle with separating personal feelings from performance. Since the best managers and mentors must give feedback on performance, how can we do that effectively, so the message is heard? Learn techniques for delivering effective feedback while caring deeply for those receiving it.
The flood of information hurt our productivity, creativity, and memory - Harvard Business Review. Companies and individuals are in denial of these negative outcomes - Zeldes, former Intel engineer. The good news is, our brain can be trained to be powerful. In this course, discover the science of memory formation and neuroplasticity. Also practice memory techniques to learn and perform better, double your memory, and gain clarity.
CareerManagementDocumentation They say a picture is worth a thousand words... I've learned that I can replace a 20 page document with a 2 page diagram that explains it all. Words do not help because words require interpretation.

However images, diagrams, pictures speak volume and their meaning is universal. In this talk I will demonstrate how to transform long documents into simple diagrams; and how you can leverage that power of communication to convince almost anybody!

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