March 13-15, 2019
Montreal, Canada

Are you Dev'ing the Right Ops

This is a DevOps talk by someone who hates "DevOps". Instead of focusing on tools and cool tech we need to focus on our teams building the best software they possibly can. Sometimes this means not playing with the "bright, shiny" or building it just because we can. Our workloads live at different levels of abstraction, and we should understand how to run them with the minimal amount of DevOps work. Avoid the yak shave and dev only the right ops.

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Chuck D'Antonio


Chuck D'Antonio is a zealous cook, eater, and cocktail composer loves helping Pivotal's customers. As an Advisory Platform Architect he works with customers in New England to understand how Cloud Foundry, Spring and microservices join with culture changes to bring hope to development and operations teams. He's an open water swimmer who can often be found sneaking to the pool or his yoga mat between customer calls.

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