March 13-15, 2019
Montreal, Canada


Sécurité d'applications PHP

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La sécurité web est un paysage en constante évolution. Protégez votre infrastructure et vos données sensibles avec cette formation d'une journée. Nous commencerons par la théorie du durcissement des applications. Nous couvrirons ensuite une multitude de vulnérabilités communes, accompagnées d'exemples concrets. Nous allons implémenter des solutions ensemble en PHP. Nous terminerons par une séance interactive d'évaluation des risques.

Cette formation comprend le top 10 de l'OWASP et satisfait l'exigence 6.5 de la norme PCI DSS.

Angular Workshop: From Zero To Hero in 2 days!

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This is your opportunity to start learning Angular 7 now and bring your web
developments to the next level! This intensive workshop will start from
scratch and walk you through how to develop a full Angular data-centric
application, diving into many topics including how to setup, debug and
deploy your app with Angular, TypeScript and Visual Studio Code. At the end
of the day, you will walk away with a solid knowledge of Angular and be
comfortable with starting your own project now!

PHP Application Security

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PHP Application Security

Web security is an ever-changing landscape. Protect your infrastructure and your sensitive data with this 1-day training. We'll start with the theory behind application hardening. We will then go through a multitude of common vulnerabilities, along with concrete examples. We will implement solutions together in PHP. We'll finish with an interactive risk assessement session.

This training includes the OWASP top 10 and satisfies PCI DSS Requirement 6.5.

Mastering Design Patterns with PHP 7

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Established in the 70's by the "Gang of Four", Design Patterns are generic reusable abstract solutions to solve often recurring problems in software design. Object oriented applications and frameworks leverage them to design robust, extensible and testable code, letting developers build their applications on top of solid foundations. In this workshop, you'll first learn the most fundamental concepts and techniques of object oriented software design such as dependency injection, the SOLID principles, composition versus inheritance, etc. Then, you'll (re)discover tens of the original "GoF" design patterns, why and how to implement them. We'll also have a look at how some famous Open-Source libraries and frameworks like Symfony to understand how they implement them and the benefits they bring to their architecture. The workshop will cover many design patterns with practical examples: Factory Method, Prototype, Builder, Composite, Adapter, Decorator, Flyweight, Template Method, Strategy, State, Mediator, Observer, Visitor, Memento, etc.

Increase Your Influence through Positive Communication

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Being an inspiring person might not be something you wake up aiming for everyday, yet small daily actions can help us become extraordinary.

Leadership is a choice to lead ourselves and then others. How well do you lead and how well do others interact with your leadership?

During this 2-day workshop, you will be exposed to research-based, best practices and hands-on practice that will give you the courage to emerge into greatness.

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