March 13-15, 2019
Montreal, Canada

Async wandering in .NET

Async and await are now common elements of .NET ecosystem. Do you know how they work, what is synchronization context, how to wait for async void methods or how to implement custom task scheduler? In this talk I show internals of async and await. I present state machine created by the compiler, typical deadlock scenarios, synchronization context implementations and how to await for async void methods.

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Adam Furmanek


I am Adam Furmanek and I have been working as a .NET developer for 5 years. Right now I am at Amazon working with Scala, Spark and Machine Learning. I am always interested in digging deeper, exploring machine code and going through implementation details to better understand internals of the technologies I use every day. That's why I like debugging, decompiling and disassembling the code to understand memory models, concurrency problems and other details hidden deeply inside. In my free time I p

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