March 13-15, 2019
Montreal, Canada

Designing Your Cloud-Native Career

Flatter organizations mean fewer steps on the traditional career path. Emergent design redefines the role of architects and senior staff. Balanced teams challenge us to share rather than horde specialized skills we've spent years developing. Expecting to continue grow in a model measured by increases in power and authority is bound to leave us disappointed, or worse yet frustrated as our organization's goals seem in direct conflict with our own.

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Chuck D'Antonio


Chuck D'Antonio is a zealous cook, eater, and cocktail composer loves helping Pivotal's customers. As an Advisory Platform Architect he works with customers in New England to understand how Cloud Foundry, Spring and microservices join with culture changes to bring hope to development and operations teams. He's an open water swimmer who can often be found sneaking to the pool or his yoga mat between customer calls.

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