March 13-15, 2019
Montreal, Canada

Diversity is not only about Ethnicity and Gender

How many fantastic SW devs have you met that came from a non-traditional background? Is a CS degree really be a prereq for all SW engineering roles? Its time we start giving some serious thought to engineers with diverse backgrounds. Chloe Condon- actress turned Software Developer tells her story.

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Chloe Condon


Former musical theatre actress and Hackbright Academy graduate, Chloe is now a Developer Evangelist at Sentry. Perhaps the only engineer you'll meet who has been in "Hairspray", "Xanadu", and "Jerry Springer: the Opera"- she is passionate about bringing people with non-traditional backgrounds into the world of tech. If you're trying to place her face, yes- she's the young woman giving the awkward thumbs up in the "What It's Like to be a Woman at a Tech Conference" article (which she also wrote).

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