March 13-15, 2019
Montreal, Canada

GraphQL, different way to think about APIs

REST API modeling may be hard, using and supporting large collection of APIs is even harder. GraphQL is an answer for some of these problems. It’s a query language for APIs which provides complete description of your data and gives clients the power to ask for exactly what they need in a single request. In this talk you will learn about GraphQL concepts, differences between GraphQL and WSDL/SOAP/REST/etc. and how to add it to your existing stack.

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Mariusz Gil

Source Ministry

Mariusz Gil is software architect working on high complexity and high value scalable web applications. Trainer, consultant, and conference speaker. Mariusz has been working for several companies on PHP projects for millions of active users, from biggest social network and instant-messaging software in Poland to multi-billion PV content personalization and discovery platform. Mariusz is also member of 4Developers and PHPcon Programme Commitees, and one of core members behind PHPers, open meetups

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