March 13-15, 2019
Montreal, Canada

How do you structure your apps?

How should I structure my code? What works best for object-oriented design? Is there an alternative to MVC? This talk will answer those questions and give an overview of common layouts and best practices to make projects testable, maintainable and easy to understand. We will also look at DDD and hexagonal / clean / onion architectures and go through a few different implementations of the same app to illustrate the pros and cons of each approach.

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Kat Zien


Kat's programming background is in PHP and Go. Her main interests include automating #allthethings, sorting out legacy code and making things simpler and faster. She loves travelling and keeping active, appreciates good coffee and is a big Lego fan. She cycles across Europe with TechBikers ( to raise money for Room To Read, a charity supporting child literacy and girls' education (

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