March 13-15, 2019
Montreal, Canada

Relational + JSON: have your cake and eat it too

JSON is the de facto standard for web and mobile applications, but more often than not, data is neither 100% structured nor 100% semi-structured. With JSON supported in relational databases, we can move to hybrid relational/JSON data models. In this session, we’ll discuss when and where it makes sense to use JSON in a relational database, and walk through 20+ code examples showing how to create and query a hybrid relational/JSON data model.

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Shane Johnson

MariaDB Corporation

Shane Johnson is the Senior Director of Product Marketing at MariaDB. Prior to MariaDB, he led product and technical marketing at Couchbase. In a past life, he performed technical roles in development, architecture and evangelism at Red Hat and other companies. His background is in Java and distributed systems.

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