March 13-15, 2019
Montreal, Canada

SmokeTests - The what, why and how

Today it's crystal clear why we need unit tests. Even integration and acceptance tests are quite common. However, none of these tests is generally run in a production environment. Well, are you sure that all your web pages are working in production after your newest feature was deployed? Discover SmokeTests (as well called sanity or availability tests) and why every web development team should have them set up.

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Sebastian Thoss

better ventures group

I'm in IT since mid-nineties and still love it. After several years of living and working in Ireland and Australia. I came back to Hamburg, Germany in order to learn even more about the architecture of software. Since April 2015 I'm at better ventures group responsible for backend projects, backend team and training of our young apprentices. I'm in for agile processes like scrum and lean. In my spare time, I'm running my own business to fight against error pages.

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